Formulation and development.

We offer the formulation of new products, working directly with our clients to create the best solution according to their needs and within the highest standards in the industry and assuring the best quality.

Our staff is highly qualified in each area, and we have top notch technology and materials in order to match, formulate, develop and improve any production need.

There is a microbiology department inside our lab so we can achieve the best result for every client.

Bulk Manufacture

We update our infrastructure regularly with the best equipment in order to have the most efficient production process for every product.

  • Powders and talcums: colloidal mills.
  • Compactor machines.
  • Hydroalcoholics: 2000 and 3000 kg tanks
  • Viscose: 6000, 3000, 2000, 500 and 250 pots
  • Storage tanks: 3000 and 7000 kg.
  • Water treatment by deionization plant

We have de capability to produce more than 6 million pieces monthly, 250 units (500 ml) per minute.